Promises Between Strangers

by Wallace Costa

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released May 13, 2017

Acácio Records
All songs and art by Wallace Costa



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Wallace Costa Brazil

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Track Name: Dope
Don't make me laugh
Don't make me act
You’re obsessed with clowns
You can’t be yourself
It brings me down
This dope you wear
It’s just a dose for a life
I’m not aware
It’s just a dose for a love
I once met
See you in the void
Track Name: New Version Of You
I got stuck on a new version of you
And this time my anger is well known
No future
No clues
Those flashlights sing a mysterious sound
Nobody is going to reveal
This visible alley
An island of sorrows
With a half moon
Each day grows in reverse
On us
As we walk to the same paths
That some error chose to amuse
Beatiful novel
Useless at practice
Whenever I’m blue
Track Name: Cloudy Trail
We didn’t make it through the cloudy trail
We forgot how to be blind together
Unconscious solves our fear of sailing
A question that treats me like a numb fighter
High times
Track Name: Flourish
The masters
You often speak of
They bled
They bled
When you left
I remember the steams
Promises between strangers
In the dawn
They flourish
In the dawn
Track Name: Waterfall
Came a long way
To feel their bodies
And become salt
All the seeds
From under feet
You swear
Save it
A minute kills a moment
And the journey fades
Into the abyss of distorted mouths
Track Name: On Fire
I was on fire
A nameless strength
Showed up
As puzzle flames
Stupid feelings
Ego flaws
We've been in silence
Despite the lame
Discourse that brought us rage
We moved to a fortress
This is not my first wall
I grew up in the valley
This place is fucked up
If you want me to stay
Show me if it’s worth
The owls called
At 3am
Stared for minutes
Almost sane
But their eyes didn’t seem reliable
I was on fire
A nameless strength
Showed up
As puzzle flames
Stupid feelings
Ego flaws
This is not my first wall
I grew up in the valley
But I’m so tired
Track Name: Please Me With Ashes
Young soul
Eating my chest
I guess
Please me with ashes
Our only distance is a bitter ground
Track Name: His Masterpiece
I went to the hospital
To see my old man die
Back then
I was a thousand songs skinnier
Couldn't let him sigh
From pain
So he screamed
Just like a true folk singer
He was a true folk singer
Back then
Most songs
Escape from my mind
And hands
Instinct says
Let them leave
His masterpiece
Couldn't get a way out
Since then
So I hear
Just like a true listener
He was true folk singer
Back then
Track Name: #2
Track Name: Any Winter I Die
Bright was her soul
At the very beginning
Bright was her soul
Thats what I saw
I held her cold hands
And a shelter hit me
Like a child's mind
Hit a hopeless life
Now I'm the snow
At the very ending
And she may cry
Any winter I die
Track Name: Stubborn